I executed an analog typographic adaptation reflecting the aquatic-inspired brand identity of Western Hydrodynamic Research. This process seamlessly aligned with the brand's ethos, resulting in a cohesive and enriching material transformation.

24 Colors of Boxier Tee
Art Direction, Direction
I oversaw and spearheaded a comprehensive campaign for Everybody.World, a sustainable clothing blanks company, managing all aspects from model selection to e-commerce photography, utilizing a meticulous 16mm analog process. From inception to execution, I orchestrated and implemented this highly successful campaign, ensuring its seamless and effective delivery.

Irish Friends 
Branding, Art Direction, Marketing
I orchestrated the comprehensive visual direction and crafted the logo for a 10-day event series titled "Irish Friends," in collaboration with the Irish Consulate to honor Irish music and culture in Los Angeles. This involved meticulous art direction across print applications, including poster design and garment production, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual experience.

Winston House
Branding, Art Direction, Marketing
Winston House was dedicated to being a ‘Home for music,’ Winston House hosted many varying concerts, resulting in a diverse visual language while maintaining a high level of art direction. I desiged event series posters and creating a cohesive visual language for each series, with applications across social media, print, and web.

Branding, Creative Direction, Production
A personal brand/project intented to explore and experiment with process